Our Story

Imagine a world where all clothing was (beautiful and) handpicked to seamlessly fit your reality. Modli is a fashion utopia: endlessly chic and intentionally modest.


Modli redefines the way women think about modesty. What was previously thought of as dowdy, outdated, and only worn by ‘modest’ dressers is now considered chic and mainstream by all. Modli promotes the nuanced ideal that modesty doesn't mean hiding, but rather showcasing natural beauty in a classy way.


Modli is the nexus of beauty and reality. We believe that you deserve to easily find clothing that reflects what you love as well as who you are. We carefully hand-pick all the right items and collect them into one lively marketplace. Modli believes you have the right to love the way you look- minus the hard work- every single day.


The idea that beautiful is perfect is deeply engraved in our minds. Modli embraces the radical notion that beautiful is natural. Our clothing was designed by real women, for real women. Our goal is to enable women to radiate in the comfort of their own skins. As said by Vera Wang, “I want people to see the dress but focus on the woman.”


Modli is inspired by the visionary work of, independent boutique designers. We believe in the power of individuals to enhance the fashion world with their creativity. Through Modli's online marketplace, we bridge like-minded women across the globe and nurture a community based on shared values and common dialogue.

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