Two Pack of Black Volume & Non-Slip Headbands

Two Pack of Black Volume & Non-Slip Headbands

Product Description
Gentle wash in cold water, Iron on reverse side.
Easy to wear
Versatile and simplistic style
high quality fabric
Here you can purchase two volumizing headbands for the GREAT PRICE!

The best quality Volume headband made with anti-slip velvet!
Excellent under HEADBANDS and can be also under each tichel, head scarf, head scarves, wigs, scarf, hair snoods, snoods, pre tied bandanas, head scarves, chemo scarves and more!

This Volume & Non-Slip Headband will give beautiful volume on the front!
You can wear any type of Headband fabric you want >>> chiffon, viscose, cotton or any other slipping fabric!

It will keeps your headband, scarf, wig, scarf or other head covering in place all day!!
No more pins or clips .... nice and suitable for any head!

Just place the headband with the sticker on the right side, the side with the velvet has to be on your hair. Close it, and you're ready to wear any head covering you want .... enjoy!

* Easy on easy off
* Top quality fabrics
* Machine wash cold
* Ships from Israel
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Sara Attali

My collection of head coverings is made with rich colors and unique designs. I'm sure you'll find something for every occasion!

When I was growing up I used to watch my mother and my aunts decorate our home, and sometimes they let me help with the smaller projects. Their work always inspired me, and I knew that deep down, I wanted to create and design art in the future. As a mother to four daughters, I spent a lot of time trying to find them clothes for school, the holidays, Shabbat and family occasions. It wasn’t easy, and it inspired me at the time to create my own personal clothing collection. I sewed the collection in my home studio, in the most beautiful and spiritual place in the world - the old city of Jerusalem. As my daughters grew older and got married, I started to make them hair coverings- as I love to give useful gifts! The word got around and other women started to request hair coverings. I decided to make the business official and created many designs with rich colors that suit every occasion, holiday or personality. I hope you enjoy these handmade head coverings!

ModLi Customer Verified Buyer
March 12, 2018

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