Tel-Aviv , Israel

SilkyFit is an innovative, sporty, swimsuit brand, designed to give you the freedom to move.
Perfect for any water activity – swimming, supping, surfing, and freely movement on the beach or in the pool.
Protection from the sun's rays and protection of the skin outside and inside the water.

Silky Fit is an innovative, sporty, fitness-inspired swimsuit brand, you probably haven’t seen yet on the beach or in the pool’s changing room.
All of our swimsuit styles are designed to give you the freedom to move around freely, while they protect you against the sun as well as embarrassing beach faux pas.
Silky Fit gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing all the places that need covering and securing just that.
That’s why Silky Fit is perfect for any water activity – swimming, supping, surfing or chasing your sandy toddlers.
We know, all too well, that when it comes to swimsuits, one girl’s best feature and the one she flaunts on the beach in broad daylight is another’s reason to stay home on a beautiful sunny day.
That’s why our swimsuits come with different leg and sleeve lengths, with or without an open back and even with an optional, separate sports bra for a smashing layered look.
All models of Silky Swim were designed and developed by designer Hadas Aviry, Graduate of Shenkar College, with 25 years of experience designing swimwear at the largest brands in Israel (such as Gottex).
Hadas Aviry is also a swimmer and practices Yoga everyday.

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