Working Out in a Skirt... Yes, It's Possible!

<strong>Working Out in a Skirt... Yes, It's Possible!</strong>

Working out is a difficult task for many people, and yet for others, it’s a hobby they can’t live without.
One thing is for sure – if you’re going to work out, you have to do it in style, and in comfort. And if you’re committed to dressing modestly, workout clothes is a whole different ballgame.
Once you find that perfect workout outfit (or 2), you’ll realize working out in a skirt isn’t so different than working out in leggings. A workout skirt should have attached leggings and give you plenty of room for movement!
Yes, some activities look daunting in a skirt… but we’re hoping we can show you the light! So you can feel and look good when you work out.


Yoga, a challenging but low intensity workout, requires flexibility and core strength… and plenty of moving around. We recommend wearing a short workout shirt (with leggings of course!) which should give you plenty of room for movement. Because it’s a short skirt, you won’t have trouble analyzing your posture or doing “downward dog.” Don’t get confused though, a longer skirt is still a great option (check out our knee-length workout skirt below) Here’s a perfect sports skirt for Yoga:

short sports skirt short sports skirt



Running in a skirt can be difficult if your skirt is too tight. But your skirt can’t be too loose otherwise it would flap in the wind. For this difficult workout (but exhilarating for others), we would recommend opting for a skirted legging that gives room for movement and won’t rise up if the wind picks up. Take a look at these sporty and fashionable options! The midi sports skirt (on the right) comes in Pink & Grey, and the knee-length sports skirt (pictured on the left) comes in Grey, Pink, Black & Blue.

knee-length sports skirt knee-length sports skirt
mid-thigh sports skirt












Boxing and Cycling are both awesome sports you wouldn’t generally think to wear a skirt for. To make sure you have plenty of range of motion – wear a looser skirt that won’t get caught on the bike seat! And for boxing, the loose & lightweight skirt is perfect so you can bounce around the ring with no extra weight added. We’ve got a perfect option for you:

athletic skirt



Serena Williams. This is actually one of the only sports that wearing a skirt is a norm!

Serena Williams Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

If you want to be like Serena, you have to dress like Serena – we have awesome white Tennis dress:

white tennis dress white tennis dress



Unless you’re a professional swimmer, our modest swimwear will be perfect for you – pool fun, lake parties, and family get-togethers included. From swim dresses to swim skirts and tops, and swim bras (yes, those are important too) we’ll help you stay modest while you swim.

A swim dress isn’t an ideal choice for workout-style swimming, but it’s PERFECT for pool fun, lake fun, and looking GORGEOUS. It does come with a skort, so you won’t have any wardrobe “oopsies”. Check out these cute options:

swim dresses cute swim dresses

If you are looking for a swimming option, we recommend one of our swim sets with skorts. Depending on what your preferences are, modesty wise, we have tops and bottoms of all lengths and patterns! Our tops fit nicely and comfortably, with room for movement and quick-drying technology. As for swim bottoms – all of our swim bottoms are flexible for swimming, running, jumping and playing beach volleyball! 

Here are our top 3 swim-set picks:

modest swimwear modest swim sets

Remember that you can do any sport you want while wearing a skirt! If you’re not sure what to wear, we’re always here for you. Our range of modest clothing is endless, so you’ll find something perfect for you.