What's Trending in the Modest Fashion World

<strong>What's Trending in the Modest Fashion World</strong>

We thought you would be interested in hearing about the latest news on the modest fashion scene that we found intriguing. Here's what's trending in our world:

1. We loved this video we came across on BuzzFeed about a social experiment four regular women took part in. They each wore a head-covering which they had never done before in their lives and were actually against, to see what people's reactions would be. The one comment we felt a strong connection to was that one of the women felt a bond with another woman who was also covering her hair as they both understood they were on the same mission, and shared this same value. Which is what we promote at ModLi- a community of like-minded women.

2. The Demureist, like us, has an affinity towards cultural modesty. We liked her article on head coverings in different religions almost as much as we liked ours! She discusses how difficult it is for non-religious people to understand the perspective of religious ones and why they keep certain laws like covering one's hair. Many non-religious people see it as degrading and a form of submission to men for a woman to wear a head-covering. Yet in turth, it is the opposite!

3.Recently Dolce & Gabbana revealed their Fall 2015 collection. And it was like no other! Simply because it featured babies, children, and expecting Moms on the runway. D&G has a history of celebrating family and elders, as seen in their joy-filled adverts, yet it was nice to see their values as a company come together on the runway. The collection featured matching 'mommy and me' shift dresses, and dresses wth a doodle print similar to that of Angelina Jolie's wedding dress.

4. The Victorian Era is one of my favorite eras fashion-wise. Which is why I enjoyed this post showcasing the best of Victorian styles.  I just love the oversized hats, the big skirts, and small waists; and just the pure classiness of it all.

5. ModCloth recently revealed their new swimwear campaign featuring their own staff as models to promote natural, healthy looking women instead of 'anorexic' models. And the fact that you do not need to be dangerously thin in order to look beautiful, and feel confident in a swimsuit. You just cannot help but smile when looking at their photos and the fun they must have had while shooting them.

6. I recently heard about this TV show on TLC called 'Style by Jury'. I found this video clip from the show which gives an insight very clearly and in a simple, easy to understand method about how lines split up the body visually and can impact the way your body looks proportionately. You can read more about how to style yourself based on body shape on our blog.

7. Remember that music video created by Lone Peak Stake Young Men called 'Virtue Makes you Beautiful'? Well now there's a girl's version! The video describes how girls respect guys who keep their eyes pure, and that "the way you stand for your faith shows integrity". This is great!- it makes a firm point that leading a conservative and modest lifestyle does not all fall onto the women, men have as  big a part in it as they do, if not more as men are more attracted to the physical and therefore it is harder for them to get past that stumbling block.

8. Elizabeth Griffin's 'Atlas of Beauty' fascinates me. She travels the world and photographs women of the same age group, women who are each considered beautiful in their home country. The diversity is amazing. As she put it: "It is not a matter of cosmetics, money, race, or social status, but more about being yourself."

9. Recently the bi-annual Fashion Weeks have been taking place around the world. With hundreds of runway shows it can be difficult to get a full picture of what is in, and what is out of fashion. Here's a video that gives you the low-down so that you can remain in-style without needing to browse through hundreds of runway photographs, or watch endless runway shows.

Let us know if you have seen anything of interest lately that pertains to the conservative lifestyle.