Wear More, Show More...

<strong>Wear More, Show More...</strong>

Wear More, Express More! How modest fashion isn’t about hiding...


Bridgette Rae glanced over an important misconstrued concept of modest clothing in her ‘Friday Finds: ModLi’ blog post, that modest clothing is being seen as a form of hiding. More often than not, the idea of hiding comes from those who view modesty as a spectator and not the women who choose to wear modest clothing.

I decided to get a deeper understand of how women who practise modest dress feel about their fashion and how it relates to their identity.

I interviewed modest dresser, Shaindel Antelis on her views on modest fashion.

Jewish singer/songwriter Shaindel Antelis, changed/moved the direction her career was heading, and stirred it towards directing her talents directly at a solely female audience. Her performances enabled her to inspire and enlighten women through music. 

During her gap year in Israel, Shaindel fell deeply in love with the country and religion and along her journey felt inspired by the concept of modesty. So we asked Shaindel about the importance of modest fashion in her life.

Shaindel, when did you make the conscious decision to actively dress more modestly and was it a conscious transition or more natural?

‘I always dressed pretty modestly, but when I was in Seminary (Jewish Learning) I learnt about the religious reasons behind keeping the laws of modesty and found a beauty in it in a way I’d never heard of before. Instead of hearing about covering up, I heard about being able to show my essence and being seen as more as just a Physical body. The slight change in dress therefore felt very natural to me.’

 How do you think your style has changed?

‘Before I was as careful with modesty I didn’t put much thought into what I wore. When I became more conscious about dressing modestly, surprisingly my clothes became much more colourful and I started wearing lots of fun floral prints (basically everyday!!) My personality actually came out more as opposed to being suppressed when I was more careful about my dress! Instead of wanting attention I was dressing in a way that really expressed my essence!’

 What does your style and modesty (or modest fashion) mean to you now and do you express yourself through your clothing?

‘You would think that if people dress modestly they’re stifling their personality and wearing all dark colours but that is far from the truth. I now definitely express myself though fashion and love wearing lots of accessories. I look at it as a fun challenge now and I enjoy putting new outfits together. Modest fashion, to me, means dressing beautifully and not just to get attention.’

What do you think about the view that modest fashion forces women to hide themselves?

‘So many people I know look up to Princess Kate for fashion inspo and I look at her and think she looks like a beautiful women who’s exceedingly classy and modest. Modest most definitely doesn’t mean frumpy! I came across a great quote once that said ‘dress who you want to be addressed’ I definitely want to be taken seriously and be respected and I also like expressing my personality so I find that modesty really helps me find that balance. Modest fashion is about being comfortable not hiding!’

Shaindel went on to tell us about how modest fashion inspired her song ‘the Light’ which is about our inner beauty and how we don’t need to expose so much physical beauty for people to see that.


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Modest fashion, especially on ModLi, is all about expressing ourselves through style. Covering up a little more isn’t but covering anything but your skin, and wearing clothes that promote body confidence and making women comfortable.

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