Top Modest Picks for Your Teen Daughter

<strong>Top Modest Picks for Your Teen Daughter</strong>

Finding modest clothing for your daughter can be a difficult task. ModLi makes finding cute modest clothing for your pre-teen or teen quick and easy! Browse through our ‘teen’ sections or follow these links for our top picks for every occasion

For your formal event let your daughter choose from these elegant options. Modest formal dresses are hard to come by, but ModLi has plenty to choose from.formal teen dresses


From left to right: Red Chiffon Dress, Olivia Blush Dress, Kaitlyn Dress.

For your more relaxed event buy your daughter one of these super comfortable pretty print dresses. Your teen will look great and won’t want to take off her new comfy dress.relaxed dresses teen

From left to right: Juliet Floral Dress, Anna Midi Dress, Natalie Floral Fit and Flare.

These modest and flowy skirts will allow your daughter to run around just like she is wearing a pair of shorts. Order your active teen these great options for full flexibility while still in a skirt.teen skirt








Navy A-Line Skirt, Grape A-Line Skirt, Petal Part Skirt.

For everyday wear get your daughter these fun graphic tees. She will love wearing these happy words and will be super comfortable!teen shirt









Road Less Traveled Tee, Love Heart Floral Tee, Beach Dreamin' Tee.

Protect your daughter from UV rays and keep her modest with these stylish swimwear options. Your teen won’t mind wearing a skirt while swimming with one of these stylish pieces.teen swim








Blue Swim Dress, Polka Dot Set, Pink and Purple Swim Dress.