Top 10 Modest Bridesmaid Dresses

<strong>Top 10 Modest Bridesmaid Dresses</strong>
  1. Elegant Silky Wrap Dress with Short Sleeves 

This wrap dress looks great on every body, with a slimming, self-tie belt. The mock wrap skirt allows for playful movement, so you can dance the night away! Available in 3 different pastel shades, this dress is perfect for a gorgeous spring or summer wedding. 

  1. Ivy Ruffle Sleeve Dress-Dusty Blue

This beautiful dress is simple, yet so elegant. The fitted waist slims all bodies, while the ruffled sleeves add flair. This dress is also lined for extra coverage. 

Elegant Silky Wrap Dress with Short Sleeves

  1. Chloe Chiffon Maxi Dress

Simple yet beautiful, this maxi dress is perfect for your bridesmaids. The pull-on style adds an element of practicality, while the flutter sleeves add elegance. This dress is also lined for extra coverage. 

  1. Light Blue Ella Dress

Want something a bit more striking? This Ella Dress is exactly that. The specially-designed, viscose fabric creates a smooth look, with the silky-softness that your bridesmaids want. The dress even comes with a braided belt, offering a variety of options for bridesmaids of different shapes, sizes and desires. 

  1. Hello Sunshine Floral Dress

Perfect for a summer wedding, the Hello Sunshine Floral Dress adds excitement to any color palette. The elastic waistband and soft cotton fabric are sure to please even the most difficult of  bridesmaids. Elegant Silky Wrap Dress with Short Sleeves (1)

  1. Rose Lace Dress

For a soft and sweet look, try this lace dress! The Rose Lace Dress captures the beauty of your bridesmaids, without taking away from you on your big day. The lace-scalloped sleeves add flair, while the straight skirt creates an elegant look that you’ll love. 

  1. Short-sleeved Plain Drop Waist Dress

The classic drop waist style never ages. This relaxed dress appears elegant, but offers unprecedented comfort. Your bridesmaids will thank you!

Elegant Silky Wrap Dress with Short Sleeves (2)

  1. Harper Ruffle Dress

A classic with a twist, this ruffle dress is truly unforgettable. The ruffle detailing at the hem and sleeves creates an elegant look, while the sash tie and scoop neckline provide this dress with simple beauty. 

  1. A Line Dress

A simple style paired with lace at the hem makes for a beautiful combination in this elegant piece. The elbow sleeves and rounded neckline provide modest coverage. This dress darts at the bust for a personalized fit. The A Line Dress is a perfect choice for a classy wedding. 

  1. Elegant Maxi Dress with Lace Bodice

Nothing looks better than a classy maxi dress with a touch of lace. This Elegant Maxi Dress with Lace Bodice is perfect for a summer wedding. The lace top adds timeless beauty, while the flowy skirt complements any body. Your bridesmaids will thank you!Elegant Silky Wrap Dress with Short Sleeves (3)


  • Satta king - July 1, 2019, 4:12 am

    I really love those dresses. I am surely going to have for my bride.

    Thanks for sharing

    • ModLi Stylist - July 1, 2019, 2:45 pm

      Of course! Glad we could help!