The Ultimate Guide to Hijabs and Tichels

<strong>The Ultimate Guide to Hijabs and Tichels</strong>

Ever come across the words 'Tichel' or 'Mitpachat' while browsing through head-coverings? You probably took the hint and concluded they are just different words for a head-scarf. The burning question is what languages are they in?

'Tichel' in fact is Yiddish, the German and Hebrew-based language of Jews from Central and Eastern European countries. 'Mitpachat' is Hebrew- the revived ancient language of the Hebrew Israelite's. Similar to Tichels and Mitpachot is the 'Hijab' worn by Muslim women. Al-Hijab is Arabic and refers to "The veil which separates man or the world from god." 

Often while riding the train I will come across a Muslim and a Jewish woman sitting side by side as they travel to their destinations. I cannot help but compare the two with them sitting so conveniently placed to do so. The Muslim wears her Hijab and an ankle-length sleek coat with a stylish handbag. The Jew wears her Tichel, a skirt, waist length coat, and over-sized handbag (Jewish mothers have a tendency to have provisions with them at all times for all eventualities). If it is one of those glorious sunny, with a slight chill, winter days then they both sport a pair of over-sized sunglasses.

Why am I telling you all this? Hijabs and Tichels may be religious necessities but why not take a necessity and make it into an accessory? We have the secrets to helping you discover your unique head-covering look.

      Neutrals always Work

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If your clothing is busy with bright and beautiful patterns, top it off with a neutral colour head-covering. Neutrals will leave you feeling sassy, confident, and satisfied when you step out that door.

      Defy the Conventions

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Pick a striking stand-out colour and build your outfit around it. Complementary colours will look amazing together but you really need confidence to pull off this style.

      Go all Out

Sagit Tavor Eve Sinar Tichel ModLi

Wear an 'all out there' head-covering filled with a spectrum of dazzling colours, timeless textures, and pretty patterns. Keep your clothing simple. Pick a colour or two found within the infusion of your head-covering and stick to those solid colours all the way for the rest of your outfit to really look radiant.

      Match to your Accessories

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What better way to turn your accessories into statement pieces than by matching them? Handbags, shoes, and belts are easy to match to your Hijab or Tichel. Play down your outfit a little to make your statement colours extra bright and bold.

      Or Tone it Up

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Go gradual and wear tones of the same colour. Can't go wrong with that!

We'd love to hear from you if you have any other style tips to share with this wonderful community of like-minded women. Leave us a comment below! Or better yet- send us a photo of how you like to wear your head-covering, together with some information about yourself, so that we can feature you on our blog! Email photos to: [email protected]