The Perfect (Modest) New Year's Resolution

<strong>The Perfect (Modest) New Year's Resolution</strong>

 With a New Year brings a fresh start. Tradition is that people take on a 'New Year's Resolution' at the start of the year- something to work on over the course of the year. This can be anything from trying to be more sociable, to trying not to get easily frustrated with your family. There's an endless list of resolutions. You just have to find something that speaks to you, you feel you can accomplish, and you can stick to it.

Leelach.com is switching over to ModLi.co at the start of 2015. Our resolution for the New Year; to help as many women internationally to dress modestly, and feel good about how they look when they do so. We want to help our customers to feel confident and empowered in their modest clothing.

Our advice to you for the New Year- dress modestly. Modesty is so much more than just covering up. Modesty reveals your self-worth.

If you already dress modestly then well done!

If you do not already; or wish to dress more modestly, then we are here to help!

Are you unsure about taking the big step to dress modestly because you cannot understand how modesty can overlap with being in fashion? Of course it can! Have a look at our Modest Fashion Styling Tips, and our Style category on our blog.

Can't afford to re-vamp your entire closet? Or do you want to take things slow and steady by deciding to wear something underneath that V-neck plunge T-shirt you own and feel is a little bit too revealing? Our Modest Solutions are the perfect start. Simple Solutions to cover up a little more than before.

Do you think that dressing modestly will not compliment your figure? Read How to Dress to Look your Best and How to Dress to Look your Best- Plus size.

Or do you simply want some modest inspiration from Celebrities? Every week we compile our own list of the past week's 'Best-Dressed' Celebrities but with a twist- they have to be dressed modestly. We also love hearing about celebrities and what they think of dressing modestly.

Have you decided as a New Year's Resolution to cover your hair? We have hundreds of head-scarves for you to look at on our website. For advice on how to tie them see our blog posts in How to Tie a Tichel. It's so simple once you know how!

Whatever it is- we're here to help!

Feel free to share with us how you feel when you reveal less, and good luck with your New Year's Resolution!

Wishing all our readers a Happy New Year!!