Swimsuit Sale to Raise Skin Cancer Awareness

<strong>Swimsuit Sale to Raise Skin Cancer Awareness</strong>

ModLi announces a sale for many of their swim tops with long sleeves just in time for Skin Cancer Awareness Month.  At ModLi modesty is a core value, and so is health. With May here, the heat is in the air and the sun is shining. That makes it very dangerous to go out in the sun without the proper gear. ModLi wants to prevent their customers from getting skin cancer this summer, by providing swim tops with full coverage from the sun at easy access.

Almost all individual swim tops on the ModLi’s marketplace are on sale at varied lowered prices. ModLi’s customers can choose from different boutiques and styles to find the long sleeve swim top that is right for them. Customers can choose from Hydrochic, Undercover Waterwear, and of course ModLi’s signature boutique, Ella Mae. ModLi has put many swim sets or dresses with longer sleeves on sale as well. Customers can choose from Ella Mae, Dana-Or Design, Fits, and Rosen Origin. The variety of long sleeve swim tops and sets with reduced prices makes it very easy to shop for sun-safe swimsuits this spring. 

ModLi hopes that this sale will encourage women to cover more skin when in the sun, and raise skin cancer awareness. ModLi is aware of the dangers of having skin exposed in the sun for long periods of time can have on one’s health. ModLi has decided to do what they can to make a change and fight skin cancer. They hope that their customers do what they can do and take advantage of the sale!