Sagit Tavor : Tichel &Headband Designer

<strong>Sagit Tavor</strong> : Tichel &Headband Designer

We love Sagit’s exotic headcoverings, perfect to cover your hair or lack thereof. Here’s what Sagit has to say:

My love for fashion started from a young age when I made clothing for my dolls, my love and passion for the different designs I created truly made me happy. And from that day on I knew what I wanted to be “when I grow up”. I grew up in a Jewish religious environment, but was interested in the secular life, which she I was introduced to when I moved to a non-religious high school.

During my high school years I felt a strange emptiness and had no Idea why. When I was in twelfth grade I found some of the answers I was looking for and started filling my emptiness, I became closer to Judaism, to hashem, I felt that I came home. When I finished my national service before I started to learn fashion at the fashion institute I flew to India (like most Israelis) it was a spiritual journey to my soul,to hashem. The experience was inspiring and incredible. I don’t think words can describe how amazing it was.

That’s where I was inspired for my designs today- simplicity, love, giving, calmness, happiness and my deep connection to the earth. All my Tichel-Mitpachat-Hair covering designs are unique romantic and feminine with tribal inspiration. Some of my Tichel-Mitpachat-Hair coverings are perfect for every day and some are more festive for Shabbat and holidays. Every women who buys and wears my Tichel-Mitpachat-Hair covering she should feel that it was designed especially for her, she should feel the love in every my Tichel-Mitpachat-Hair covering. My dream is to do what I love and succeed in it. On my trip to India I learned a sentence I use till this day- “sap kutch milga” which means everything is possible. With strong faith in hashem in the world and in yourself- everything is possible- “sap kutch milga”

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