Protect your Skin with Modest Swimwear

<strong>Protect your Skin with Modest Swimwear</strong>

If you did not know already, modest swimwear has become extremely accessible and fashionable globally. People who want to cover more skin, for whatever reason, can do so while still looking put together and confident. In addition to feeling comfortable and modest, modest swimwear provides so much more: sun protection!! Besides for simply more coverage, many of ModLi’s swimwear provides sun protection through the UPF in the fabric itself! (UPF protects you from harsh ultraviolet rays) When wearing modest swimwear you are not only given the chance to cover up, but to stay safe. A lot of times when out by the water, we don’t notice the harsh UV rays that are secretly hitting us, so the more coverage the better!

Taken from wikihow.com. Taken from wikihow.com.

These UV rays can cause a lot of damage to your skin. There is the obvious painful sunburn, but also, forgive us for mentioning: skin cancer. Covering up and having proper protection from the sun is actually extremely important. UV rays cause risk of sunburn, premature aging of the skin (that means wrinkles ladies!!), and skin cancer when exposed to your skin for too long. Instead of lathering up on sunscreen every half hour, wearing a modest swimsuit makes life much easier. You don’t have to worry about the effects your day at the beach can have on you and you get to look cute and modest at the same time!

ModLi’s line of swimwear designed by Ella Mae has UPF 50 protection from the sun in every swim top and bottom. Ella Mae’s swimwear is designed to keep you safe from the sun. So wearing modest swimwear from ModLi is now kind of a no brainer. When your health is at stake, why go any other way?  You can look stylish, stay modest, and protect your skin all in one!