Our Favourite Sensational and Modest Bridesmaids Dresses

<strong>Our Favourite Sensational and Modest Bridesmaids Dresses</strong>

Your best friend is engaged and you could not be happier for her, especially now since she has asked you to be her bridesmaid. There is just one issue that gives you cause for concern- how to look sensational for the wedding while sticking to your morals.

There are thousands of bridesmaids dresses in the world. Yet when it comes down to it- how many are modest? There are masses of strapless gowns, one shoulder gowns and spaghetti strap gowns, but closed neck gowns? -You're in for a challenge.

That is not to say that there are no modest bridesmaids dresses out there. There are. You just need to know where to look. Websites like Latter Day Bride, Totally Modest, Best Bridal Prices, and JJ's House have plenty to offer. You are guaranteed to find something you adore there.

Did you find a gown that would be perfect but it is sleeveless? Buy one of Modli.co's Noa Vider Shrugs to cover your arms. These shrugs can come in a six pack for the purpose of bulk buying for bridesmaids. They're the perfect combination of modest and bridal. Problem solved!

While searching for your ultimate gown, don't forget those styling rules for your body shape. Stick to them and you will look remarkable.

For Pear-shaped women the focus should be on the upper part of your body. This means keep it minimal on the bottom half. Avoid tops with diagonal shoulder lines that will narrow the shoulders. You want to try create balance between your top half and bottom half. Tops with gathers and ruffles will help achieve this balance.

Boy-shaped women can experiment with different styles to find the one they feel flatters them the most and gives them shape. One effective method is to wear a gown with gathers on one side. Peplum tops are also sensational on boy shaped women.

For those Apple shaped women you want to focus on the lower part of the body. You can accomplish this by wearing skirts with fullness and keeping the top half minimal.

Hourglass shaped women can pretty much wear what they want depending on what look they want to give over.

For more on body shapes and styling tips see our blog posts on "How to Dress to look your Best", and "How to Dress to look your Best- Plus size".

Prior to going shopping we suggest looking online at some of your favourite celebrities who share the same body shape as you and seeing how they get styled to look their finest. Kim Kardashian has a Pear shape, Keira Knightley has a Boy shape, Adele has an Apple shape, and Scarlett Johansson has an hourglass shape. Celebrities are continuously attending formal events so there is no shortage of photographs of them and what they wore. Go, have a look, and be inspired.

Good luck on your modest excursion and we hope that you find that compromise of conservative and class!