New concept : mix and match modest swimwear

<strong>New concept</strong> : mix and match modest swimwear

ModLi releases a new concept:mix and match modest swimwear! 

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ModLi announces its release of their new mix and match modest swimwear. When purchasing swimwear from their Ella Mae fashion line, customers can now mix and match sizes, styles, colors, and designs. ModLi’s goal is to create the same shopping experience obtained when buying a bikini, but with modest swimwear.

The ability to buy mix and match swimwear launched this past week from ModLi’s online marketplace. When shopping for swimwear, customers can now select the “Mix & Match” option on the website. Customers can choose from three different sleeve lengths: sleeveless, shortsleeves, and ¾ sleeves and match them with the skort length that they prefer. Customers can choose from a short skort, a midi skort, and a long skort. Once the preferred styles are selected, customers then have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, and then the next thing to do is to select their size. Customers can additionally mix and match sizes when buying their modest swimwear.

The mix and match swimwear will still include the modest swimwear that ModLi shoppers know and love. All of Ella Mae’s swimwear has UPF 50 sun protection to keep skin safe from the harsh effects from the sun. The swimwear is made from high quality swim material that dries quickly and keeps the body cool and comfortable. Not only is this swimwear comfortable and practical, but it is fashionable. Ella Mae’s swimwear has many different designs that are perfect to wear to the beach or pool.

ModLi’s launch has created a unique shopping experience for modest swimwear. Once again, women will not have to sacrifice personal style for modesty.