Modest and Comfort Hit the Sky. What to wear on a plane?

<strong>Modest and Comfort Hit the Sky. What to wear on a plane?</strong>

Dressing for flights means knowing what will keep you comfortable on the plane. Considering the cramped seats and various temperature changes on flights, this isn’t always easy. However, reaching your destination makes it all worth it. Dress in a modest yet comfortable way, making your flight less of a burden.

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Wear something that you can keep on for the next 24 hours. It’s nothing new, we’ve all head of it or been there before, bags get lost. Planning ahead by dressing comfortably yet stylish, and bringing a spare outfit in your carry on, in case of emergencies, is definitely an important must. 

Maxi Skirts. Think of the comfort and flexibility. Loose & elastic waisted what more could you ask for? totally breathable and covers everything that needs to be covered.

Bonus points for finding a skirt that has pockets and has a pattern or print – practicality really... also definitely modest.

T Shirt. Cotton is your friend. Big T-Shirts are your best friend. T-shirts are super cheap, comfortable and can be dressed up with a necklace and cute bracelets for when you land. Long sleeved t-shirts are great! they are perfectly modest and light enough so you do not get too hot, but warm for the air-con mid-flight.

Wear clothes that don’t restrict you. Nothing tight, please. Not only is it ridiculously uncomfortable for long hours, difficult to stay modest in, but could also be dangerous, even life threatening! Don’t risk it with the chance of DVT.

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Wear layers. The plane can get very cold, and I mean very! but if for whatever reason you’re late and are forced to run – or, at least, walk at a very brisk pace, it will result in a very hot and sweaty you. So having a top layer you can take off, and throw over your arm, is a great option.

Bonus –  the top layer then becomes a handy backup pillow, the more layers you wear, probably the more modest you are too which is definitely another win!

Hoodies. Ok ok, the advantages to this one are endless. When you pull the hoodie over your head, other than being warm and cosy, you wont be disturbed for pretty much anything. Also, it acts as a free eye mask when your seat companion has the TV on when you Just. Want. Sleep! Hoodies can also fold into a great pillow, works wonders really.

Wear something with pockets. Stuck in the middle seat and want something – easy when you have a jacket or something with pockets that you can keep headphones, phone and your travel documents in. Skirts and hoodies usually have pockets to keep all your valuables in, see? comfortable, practical and modest!

Wear natural, breathable fabrics. Cotton and wool are perfect choices.

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At the end of the day, wear what you like – just keep your clothing comfortable, modest, simple, tasteful and always non-controversial. Most importantly, Enjoy your trip! make memories, live every moment to the fullest, because remember that every experience is unique.