Modest Teen Trend Alert : Athleisure!

<strong>Modest Teen Trend Alert</strong> : Athleisure!

Athleisure is becoming very popular among teens and juniors. Girls are wearing active-wear to the gym and to the mall. This style leads to wearing super tight athletic leggings on the daily.

Top left: mybeautygym.com, bottom left: expertchat.com, right: popsugar.com Top left: mybeautygym.com, bottom left: expertchat.com, right: popsugar.com.

Our specialty here at ModLi is to make trending styles accessible to everyone, no matter how much skin they want to show. We’re making it easy for you to skip the leggings and still rock that sporty style. 

You can look super sporty, but still modest with a hooded dress or lightweight top. Achieve the chill and athletic look without actually having to wear your gym clothes. Try these with a pair of sneakers to sport it up. 

A sporty sweatshirt is always the way to go. Stay comfortable, trendy, and modest!


Buy a sporty pencil skirt or even a skirt with attached leggings. These alternatives will have you looking cool and modest. You’ll fit right in with the style, while giving it your own personal twist.