Modest Solid Dress & The Perfect Necklace is All it Takes!

<strong>Modest Solid Dress & The Perfect Necklace is All it Takes!</strong>

The combination of a solid dress and a large beady necklace is perfect. Really, it is. You see it in magazines and the model just looks great. The point is, nobody ever tells you that the model in the magazine was dresses by a professional stylist who harmonises the colors by day and pulls the puzzle pieces together by night to create the perfect solid dress and necklace outfit.

Even though it could be just that simple, I decided to give you a few tips about the perfect combination.

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The dress color is super important. You can choose it base on the jewellery you own, or choose it first and then match it. If you choose to dress in pastels, The necklace should be in a darker color, but if you choose to dress in dark black, navy or brown, using a necklace to balance and add that extra *sparkle* will do.

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The larger necklaces usually make the solid dresses. It adds the dash of color and excitement to your outfit. Try it, you'll have fun searching for the perfect necklace.


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The hardest part is finding that necklace that your toddler wont pull off, or bite. By the time you find what works with your outfit, your baby is pulling it off. I felt so lucky to find the perfect necklace, it the necklace that allows you to combine fashion and practicality with this geometric charm necklace- gorgeous and baby safe!
The texture of the charm encourages babies to explore, and is great for teething too!
The necklace is made of 100% soft silicon, is safe and poisons-free. This functional necklace can be washed gently in soap and water, or in the dish washer, and has a secure clasp, which opens when pulled.