Modest Maternity Matters

<strong>Modest Maternity Matters</strong>

With The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton expecting her second child, media attention has turned to her, her baby bump, and most importantly her fashion choices.

Dressing fashionably and modestly while pregnant can be tough but it is a breeze with the right styling advice. We all want that pregnancy glow that comes along when expecting a child but none of us want that extra pregnancy weight that seems to be part of the package. Sometimes you may be showing signs of a baby bump but are reluctant to tell anyone about your pregnancy yet and want to keep it under-wraps for as long as possible. Here are our tips for dressing modestly while trying to look as slim as possible and radiate your pregnancy glow so that you can power a whole city.

First off- put aside anything that is too tight or clingy. It is not comfortable to feel 'bound' in clothing and unable to breathe. Unless that is the look you are going for...in which case, good luck pulling it off!

When shopping for dresses and tops choose those with a seam line just under the bust, or without a seam line at all. A flowing wide dress or shirt will look great as it skims over your baby bump. If your shirt or dress has a seam under the bust even better as it will still reveal your shape while covering the baby bump nicely. Wrap dresses and wrap tops also work to minimize that bump as the belt-tie is under the bust.

Go with light knits and for the winter months throw on an oversized sweater- no one will ever realise you're pregnant. Ponchos are an additional maternity must have. Throw one on when you leave the house. It will not only keep you warm but it will keep your secret (if you are still in the early stages of pregnancy).

Wearing materials with busy patterns will also draw attention away from your bump. The pattern will keep people distracted, they will look at it rather than at your bump.

Contrary to the opinion that black is slimming, I have seen many women wearing white or light coloured clothing and it seems to do the trick for them!

Wearing a high waisted full skirt with a simple blouse or t-shirt can look superb. Your waist will be extenuated from the high waist of the skirt plus the fullness of it will cover your bump. Be careful that the skirt you wear is comfortable and not too tight on your waist- comfort is a #1 priority in maternity wear.

A scarf is an additional way to detract attention from your baby bump. To see a tutorial of the many different ways to wear a scarf, click here.

Belts are a great way to give you back some of your shape if you are wearing a flowing dress. Be careful where you place it though! For best results place it on top of your bump and never on it.

No outfit is complete without shoes. As with your clothing, comfort is what it is all about so make sure you are comfortable in whatever shoes you wear. For the start of your pregnancy I don't see anything amiss with wearing comfortable high heels if heels are what you are used to and feel comfortable in. Invest in some low heels for those later months of pregnancy (be aware your shoe size can change while pregnant). Save the flats for the final stretch of your pregnancy.

Now that you have the advice it's time for some shopping! Take a look at the maternity selection on Modli.co (Leelach.com) to get yourself started.