Modest Fashion Styling Tips

<strong>Modest Fashion Styling Tips</strong>

ModLi is Unique.  One place for women of all walks of life to be united by one sole drive- Modesty.  As ModLi’s personal stylist I am here to give you an insight into how to dress your modest best. The first thing you need to know about fashion is that there is fashion, and then there is style. Two different concepts. Fashion follows popular trends- dictated and displayed by those high up in the fashion industry. Style is dependent on you and what you choose to wear. In the late Oscar De Larenta’s words; “Elegance is an old word. A lot of anonymous girls walking along the street have a style of their own.”

Modesty does not mean needing to dress inconspicuously and conventionally. You may choose to do so- that’s your style. However no one or religion is forcing you into a box of non-self-expression. In fact I feel that dressing modestly, and being able to express yourself is the best form of style as you are combining a major part of who you are- your religion, together with who you are as a person.

The world is so full of immodest clothing- how will I ever be able to dress modestly and on trend? We live in a society where at the moment pretty much anything goes fashion wise. All has potential to convert from immodest styles into modest versions. Luckily for us, modesty is bang on trend in the High End Fashion Industry but has not fully landed amongst high street with more affordable prices. ModLi offers modest, fashionable clothing at a price you will not be able to ignore.

The Fall 2014 runway was filled with many modest looks with some of our favourite looks by designers such as; Dries Van Noten, Jonathan Saunders, and Thakoon, to name a few.

The Fashion trend right now is all about the clash of colours, clash of textures, clash of personalities. The Fall 2014 runway displayed multitudes of exactly that. If you are too afraid to ‘go all out’ with a modest fashion trend then you can tone it down by taking one aspect of the trend and applying it to your outfit.  Pair a cute patterned dress with a pair of combat boots, and an oversized sweater- a more subdued approach to the clash of texture and personalities. Yet it is still modest, still fashionable.

More clash combinations could be; try and wear a simple top together with an embellished, patterned, or textured skirt. Or wear a knit sweater with a leather skirt and some kitten heeled Mary Jane’s. You could also go with the ‘innocent girl’ look that is also in trend right now; the A-line or full skirt matched with a blouse or cardigan, and some cute shoes to match. It’s a timeless look.