5 Modest fashion Fall Tips You Must Read

<strong>5 Modest fashion Fall Tips You Must Read</strong>

It's that time of the year again! Out with the swim suits and flip flops, and in with the sweaters and boots. It doesn't all happen at once though; its a gradual progression into the colder months that we call "Fall". It is during these months that we slowly transition our wardrobe to cater to the cold winter ahead. During this transition-time there are three defined wardrobe stages that go into the progression of fall, and mastering them as they come are key to conquering the weather changes. 

Stage 1: The "getting longer" Stage- This is the stage when everything starts to get longer to cover against the cool mornings and evenings. The leaves are turning, tops are starting to have long sleeves and bottoms are getting longer and we are starting to pull out the tights for the cold. For your favorite shirts that you want to wear year-round, try wearing them with a layering shell underneath; they can be subtle or add some color and give that extra layer of warmth and length when you need it.

3-pack-layering-shells-you-choose-the-colors 3-pack-microfiber-layering-shells-black-white-off-white










Stage 2: The "Sweater Weather" Stage- The air is crisp and leaves are beginning to fall but it is not yet time to pull out jackets. Instead, opt for a sweet sweater or cardigan/light jacket for the warmth that you need. It used to be that wearing a sweater was a connotation with the epitome of unfashionable (cue ugly sweater contest), but in recent years the sweater has been brought back, and more beautiful than ever! It isn't hard to find some really cute sweaters or cardigans anymore, and once you start you'll never want spring to come!

grey-candace-pocket-cardigan floyd-quilted-sweater-grey











Stage 3: The "Time to bundle up!" Stage- This is the stage when it is practically winter but the calendar hasn't made it official yet. The days are cold, the boots are out, and the tights are thick. It's during this time that it's time to pull out those jackets and bundle up before even thinking about going outside. You can still add some flair and personality during this time with some cute printed scarves that are both functional and fashionable! 

bonded-soft-shell-coat sea-breeze-tasseled-scarf











Fall is an inevitable time, but with these simple tips you can master the  weather change in the most fashionable way!