Modest Dresses for your Body Shape

<strong>Modest Dresses for your Body Shape</strong>

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At ModLi, we know that modest fashion can be a struggle. But finding clothes that look great on your body? That’s a whole other level. Here’s a guide to shopping modest dresses right for your body shape.

Rectangle Body Shape:

  • Waist measurements equal hip or bust measurements 
  • Shoulders and hips are the same width 
  • Also referred to as the “banana” or “straight” body shape 

What to wear:

Maxi dresses and skirts look great on you because they highlight your long and lean figure. Fun and exciting patterns can make for a perfect look. Flared or belled sleeves showcase your slim arms, while adding some shape to your style. 

Our pick: Image Source (1)This maxi dress will show-off your lean figure, leading to a gorgeous look. The flared sleeves add excitement, while the fun pattern pulls everything together. Pair with wedges or sandals for the perfect day trip outfit. 


Triangle Body Shape: 

  • Shoulders and bust narrower than hips
  • Slim arms and waistline
  • Also referred to as the “pear” body shape 

What to wear:

A-line skirts and dresses are perfect for your body shape because they minimize hips. Fitted tops show off your narrow shoulders and bust. Dresses that include a cinched waist show off your slim waistline. Simple patterns are more flattering, as adding patterns to the lower body can maximize your size. Flared sleeves add excitement to any look because arms are slim. 

Our pick:
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This dress will show off your slim bust and waist, while minimizing your hips. The A-line skirt allows for a straight-leg look. The fitted top slims your bust and waist, adding to the style of the A-line skirt. Flared sleeves add character and interest to this simply-colored dress. 


Inverted triangle Body Shape:

  • Narrow hips
  • Larger shoulders and bust
  • Also referred to as the “apple” body type 

What to wear:

Ruffled tops add texture to your look and minimize your waistline. Pencil skirts show off your narrow hips and thin, lower frame. With dresses, look for a cinched waistline after your bust. This will highlight your larger bust and minimize your waist. Avoid baggy dresses, as they will maximize your size. 

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This dress will show off your narrow hips with the straight-leg style. The drape adds interest in the design, which will take away from your larger shoulders and waist. It will minimize your waist by cinching just below the bust, at your slimmest point. 


Hourglass Body Shape:

  • Equivalent bust and hips 
  • Smaller waist 
  • Larger bottom 

What to wear:

Choose soft fabrics, as they will show off your natural curves rather than making you look boxy. Dresses and tops should nip at the waist in order to highlight your slimmest point. Look for v-necklines: they slim your bust. 

Our pick:
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Coming in 4 different colors, this bodycon dress will accentuate your curves. The cotton fabric holds tight across your waist, while stretching across your bottom if necessary. The v-neck style will minimize your bust and still offer modest full-coverage.