Modest Clothing Must-Haves for Spring Break!

<strong>Modest Clothing Must-Haves for Spring Break!</strong>

Spring break is the perfect time for beach outfits and cute outfits. You can be modest during spring break without exposing anything you don’t feel comfortable with. This guide will show you exactly what you need to pack, and yes, we love packing lightly! Because shopping is a priority when you go on vacation!

First and foremost, let’s agree that stylish, elegant, modern and sophisticated outfits are a must. Everything else, is extra. Here’s our checklist:

  • Undergarments
  • Floral day dresses
  • Swimwear
  • Hats
  • Evening dresses
  • Cute shoes

Floral Day Dresses

When the temperature is climbing, look for clothing made of thin materials that allow your skin to breathe. This clothing will keep you looking fresh and keep you from looking sweaty. Wearing floral prints expresses a fun and Spring-y mood.

Here are our top picks:

floral knee length dress evelyn floral modest dress

This elegant dress can be worn as a casual dress with sandals or white sneakers. If you want to dress it up and use it again on your trip, pair it with your favorite nude heels.



blue floral modest dress harper bell-sleeved knee length dress












A blue and white floral print like this beautiful dress has a light and calming effect while still being bold and elegant. You can wear this dress as a casual or slightly more formal dress by swapping out the shoes that you wear with it.



If you’re going on a beach vacation, there’s no question about needing to pack swimwear. If you would prefer to be a little more modest on the beach or if you are just a little self-conscious about your body, a swim dress is perfect for your needs while being comfortable and fashionable! Swim dresses comes in many styles and color variations, and plenty of sizes.

Here are some popular ModLi swim dresses:

blue swim dress barbados swim dress

This super cute swim dress features our most popular swimwear pattern and comes with a swim bikini.





swim dress with leggings vintage swim dress








This cute swim dress features leggings and one of our new swimwear patterns. With short sleeves and a 







Not only does a hat protect your head & face from the sun, but it can make your outfit go from ordinary to couture. 

ModLi sells plenty of cute sun hats and stylish headcoverings for your spring break travels:

cute sun hat wide brim hat

This cute hat will create an edgy and cute outfit. Pair it with any swimsuit or dress, and you'll look well put together. Bonus points if you hear wedge shoes.



couture straw hat couture straw hat










For a fancier look, invest in this gorgeous fedora.





Evening Dresses

After long days of adventures, here are a few outfits to make your evenings comfortable and fashionable.

modest little black dress casual black dress

This cute black dress can be re-purposed for   because it is such a versatile piece, you can pair jewelry, perhaps a bulky necklace, for a glammed up look. Or you can choose a thin necklace and cute wedges for a calm and romantic night on the town.





floral maxi dress with sleeves floral maxi dress











If you're feeling extra vacation-y, this maxi dress might be perfect for you. Simple elegance is its mantra.



Looks like you're covered on the clothing front!

Always pack cute sunglasses and a water bottle, and of course, a smile! …and don’t forget your sunscreen (you don’t want to be that tourist looking like a cherry tomato)!

Shop ModLi for your gorgeous outfits and modest finds!

Happy Spring!

-The ModLi Team