Modest apparel, is it as easy as it sounds? I think so!

<strong>Modest apparel, is it as easy as it sounds? I think so!</strong>

Do you have that adorable dress thats just not long enough? or that beautiful top that is just way too low? We've all been there. We thought it would be perfect when we saw it online or in store but it just doesn't look that way at home. Disappointing right?!? Finding modest apparel is always difficult and never seems to end up perfect, and if it does, the process of getting there is so tough!

I've tried it all, the 'add material to it', the 'wear a skirt underneath', the 'give up and give it to a friend'. None of which actually work for me... until I found layering. Unlike winter layering,, this method just adds length to sleeve, skirt lengths and shirt collars, Ta-Da! This is like the wear a skirt underneath technique without making it look chunky or not sit nicely, rather its become another accessory piece. 

Just like a necklace adds detail and flare to your outfit, a skirt lengthener is much more comfortable than a skirt by acting like a slip but with lace! everyone loves lace! add to a denim mini and bam! wearable fashion!

Skirt LengthenerImage Sources: Youngwifeguide, Shein, Pinterest
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Now that we discussed an awesome approach to skirt lengths, next on the agenda is sleeves! ah this one is tricky. Ever had a sleeveless dress that you wanted to wear but its too uncomfortable with a shirt underneath? Only lately Ive started doing the whole shrug thing and oh boy its great for summer, light, easy, comfortable and can match pretty much everything.If you don't take my word for it, and want to see this awesomeness for yourself (or buy some too!!) go to ModLi.

But if that's not your thing, after much research I found that there actually are tops and t-shirts designed for modest layering. These shirts don't bulk and give a smooth and fashionable effect. Pretty much a crop top thats only to add sleeves and collar to the dress to make it more comfortable and wearable in most situations. 

sleevesShop These at ModLiHalf Shirt Lace Cleavage CoverCharcoal Modest Full Shouldered Tank ShellWhite Sleevies 3/4 Sleeve ExtensionsBurgundy Microfiber Long Sleeve Layering Tee- Shell

Modest apparel is back, why don't you try it for yourself??

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 2.58.20 PM

Black Knee Length Skirt Extender with Ruched Chiffon LaceBlack Knee Length Skirt Extender with Ruched Chiffon Lace

Sage Lace Infinity Shawl / ShrugSage Lace Infinity Shawl / Shrug