It's Time to Give Thanks

<strong>It's Time to Give Thanks</strong>

Thanksgiving is a time when families gather, and people in general acknowledge all that they are grateful for in life. With Thanksgiving just around the corner we would like to thank all our dedicated followers and customers for supporting us every step of our growth as a company. We would not be able to do what we do without you! Our gratitude knows no bounds.

Hang on, did you just say families gather? I need an outfit! It has to be amazing, appropriate, and stylish. I cannot have my grandmother giving me a disapproving look as I sit down on the sofa and my dress rides up my thighs. Yet I cannot have my cousins looking at me as if I am trying to dress like an old lady. How can I please everyone and be dressed appropriately?

ModLi has plenty to offer in the form of tops, skirts and dresses for all occasions. One of my favourites is the "Aviva" Chiffon Dress, designed by Yael Rozmarin. It goes perfectly with the Fall theme of Thanksgiving with it's birds and flowers print in Fall colours. Another design by Yael Rozmarin is the "Tamar" Flowered Dress , again, perfect because of its' Fall colours. Looking for something a little more simple? Go for the Peach and Gold wrap dress by Liat Schiff. It would look gorgeous paired with some brown boots.

The Shunamit Elegant dress in red-wine is another great choice (and on sale!). Pair it with black tights, brown tights, red-wine tights, and if you are daring- mustard coloured tights. Or just simply add a pair of brown, grey, or black boots. Top it off with a thin belt around your waist matching your boot colour, or tights colour. There you have it, one fabulous Thanksgiving outfit.

If you are not looking for a dress then ModLi has plenty to offer in skirts and tops too. The Savion Paisley wide cut shirt  by designer Liat Schiff is the perfect balance of modest, fashionable, and intriguing without being too attention grabbing. Wear it tucked into a pencil skirt (like the "Michal" Faux Leather one), or with a high waisted A-line or circle skirt. If you are already feeling the cold of the winter then simply add a black or cream coloured cardigan. To look your best try find a cardigan that ends below the line where the shirt is tucked into the skirt.

For skirts in Fall colours try the Light Orange Full skirt by Avishag. Or the Winter Linen Pleated skirt by Meytal Neeman, available to green or navy. Match them with a pair of boots and one of our modest shirts like the Knit shirt- the perfect fabric choice for Fall weather.

While you're at it- why not add some glamour to any outfit with our Golden Shrug Bolero by Sde Bar? It's beautiful and can be used to add that sparkle to any outfit. Best of all- it's on sale!

So there you have it, ModLi has covered all your Thanksgiving fashion needs from one place.

Happy Thanksgiving!