#IMREADY Campaign Pushes for Reform

<strong>#IMREADY Campaign Pushes for Reform</strong>

After learning about Madeline Stuart's inspiring story, I decided to do more research on disabilities in the modeling world and the opportunities available. 

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This is a new phenomenon, as the modeling world was very hard to change in the past. Now we are seeing more variety in the models. During my research I came across the #IMREADY campaign from earlier this year.  

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The goal of the "I'm Ready" campaign is to "invite 15 national retailers in the year 2015 to hire a model with a disability". All the participant has to do is take a picture with the IMREADY hashtag and ask for the retailer to participate. The campaign is targeted towards adults/children with "Cerebral Palsy, dwarfism, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, along with those who are amputees, deaf [and] blind..." according to an article from the Huffington Post.

Some brands being called upon for reform are Ralph Lauren, Janie & Jack, Macy's, and Gap.

image from abcnews.go.com image from abcnews.go.com

Thanks to social media, this campaign went viral quickly. We love this campaign. It's such a neccessary and positive change for the modeling world. Everyone is beautiful and it's time for retailers and fashion designers to start focusing on that!

#WEREREADY to see some of these beautiful faces in stores, aren't you?


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image from abcnews.go.com