How To Tie A Tichel?

<strong>How To Tie A Tichel?</strong>

The scarf tichel is essentially a long headscarf that allows you to wrap the head covering around your head several times – perfect for adding height!

The scarf tichel often uses several types of fabrics which are sewn together so that you get that vibrant colorful look to accessorize your outfit - it seems that you have used several tichels but it's really only one. ModLi  caters to many different types of headcoverings – styles range from casual to elegant, taking height, color, or lightweight materials into account. Different religions and cultures – from Jewish headcoverings to Mennonite Christians enjoy wearing headcoverings on a daily basis and at special occasions alike. In our largest online tichel selection worldwide – you will be sure to find what you are looking for!

How to tie the scarf tichel:

1. Start by placing the middle of the fabric at the front of your head.

2.Cross the ends over at the back of your neck. Now take one side and flatten it, ensuring that the fabric you want to show is facing the right way – and wrap it around your head. Follow with the other side, this time further back in order to add height. Repeat the wrapping alternating between sides until the headscarf's material is finished, and tie securely at the back.

3.Adjust layers to show more or less of a certain color. Push back from the forehead and voila!




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