How to Dress to look your Best- Plus Size

<strong>How to Dress to look your Best- Plus Size</strong>

Being plus size is nothing to be ashamed about. You can look as good as anyone with the right styling choices. Have a look at our blog post; How to Dress to look your Best which discusses the various body types and what clothing to wear to emphasise your best features. Many of the same rules apply for plus size but here are some of our tops tips:

  • Empire waistlines work great with all you curvy women as they work to emphasise your smallest area and skim over the rest in a sweep of fabric. An empire waistline paired with a jacket can look fabulous.
  • You can also draw attention to your waist by wearing belts, thick or thin. Never put a belt of your stomach area- this only draws unwanted attention.
  • Scooped necklines will make your bust look bigger than v-necklines.
  • Avoid wearing Lycra as it shows every lump. Honestly, I'm not a fan of Lycra on anyone, independent of their size.
  • The best skirt length to wear is knee length as it covers those thighs but shows off your calves.
  • Avoid low rise skirts and pants, and make sure to wear clothing that is not too tight on your lower body as it will work to accentuate your muffin top.
  • One may think that wearing skirts with volume at the waist, such as pleats, will work to make you look bigger than you are. Contrary to the opinion, they can make you look slimmer as people will assume the volume is from the skirt.
  • Try not to wear skirts with hidden pockets or big patch pockets as they will only add unwanted volume.
  • Colour Block side panels are a curvy girl’s best friend. The vertical lines and curves elongate and slim the figure through optical illusions.
  • Wear fun accessories as they can become a talking point of your outfit.
  • Final word of advice- for more styling help look towards the stars and see what they wear. Some of my favourites include; Queen Latifah,  Adele, and Melissa McCarthy.