How To Accessorize Your Sunday Church Outfit

<strong>How To Accessorize Your Sunday Church Outfit</strong>

Church is EVERY Sunday. That means every Sunday you need to dress up nicely. Trust us, you’re not alone if you hate rewearing dresses often. Every Sunday you want to give off a different look, but you can’t have a different dress for every week. That’s just crazy! Can ModLi suggest a solution to this problem? Accessorize! 

Accessorizing can be so fun and it always adds so much to an outfit. Different accessories completely change the look of any garment. We know what you’re thinking…”but I don’t know how to accessorize!” Well lucky for you, we got you covered with a simple how to guide.

First thing’s first: JEWELRY!

This one is almost a no brainer. To add a little pizazz to any outfit takes the addition of a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. You can go small with a simple pendant or turn heads with a statement necklace. Same idea with earrings and bracelets. When wearing jewelry you can really go either way!





It’s all in the hair!

Try adding a hair pin to your hair, by taking the front pieces of your hair and pinning it back. It can add a little sparkle to your look or even give the illusion of a flower in your hair. Give this antique look a try. You’ll be surprised with how much it could add to the church dress you wear every week.

Don’t shrug on a shawl!

Shawls are the perfect addition to your outfit for church. They give extra coverage if you have bear arms and they add color and texture. Shawls are also great for dressing up a basic dress or top. When wearing a shawl it completely reinvents your look!

Last but not least: HATS!

From a cocktail hat to a nontraditional fedora, hats can always turn your church dress into something new. Find a hat that brings out a color in one of your dresses or if you're wearing a solid colored dress, choose a hat that will pop. Hats can create a very mature and sophisticated look. Shop from Justine Hats for the perfect church hat.