History of the Denim Skirt

<strong>History of the Denim Skirt</strong>

With the anniversary of the invention of blue jeans approaching, we thought we would take the time to give the lowdown on the history of denim skirts.

It all started in 1873. On May 20, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented the jeans we know today starting a huge trend for men’s work pants.

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It took 50 years for women to jump on the jean train. From World War I through the 1930s women wore men’s jeans. They started wearing them during World War I when men were in combat. Women had to work in factories or farms, so they began to wear men’s trousers, including jeans, out of pure practicality. Post World War I women wanted the freedom of being able to wear pants, but it was deemed socially unacceptable.

In 1934 Levi’s came out with the first pair of jeans for women called Lady Levi’s while women’s jeans were still socially unacceptable. 

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During World War II, women had to work in physical labor once again and denim pants became a symbol for their war efforts.

In the 1950's jeans for women were finally accepted and worn by many. Once they were accepted, many styles began to develop. In the 1960’s colored denim hit the scene. 

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Soon after the hippies made a huge change in denim history: the first denim skirts! Denim skirts for women were invented in the 1960's by hippies who recycled their old denim pants into long skirts. This trend was not introduced by fashion lines until the 1970's.

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After the hippie’s creative invention, many more denim skirt styles appeared in the fashion world. 

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And as we all know today, the denim skirt trend evolved from year to year leaving us with an endless amount of styles to choose from!