Have FLARE in ModLi Plus size SWIMWEAR

<strong>Have FLARE in ModLi Plus size SWIMWEAR</strong>

Have FLARE in ModLi Plus size SWIMWEAR

Beach wear and swimwear is often an absolute nightmare to purchase! All you’re looking to do is have a nice swim, we don’t want everything hanging out and we still want to feel good and supported whilst doing so, it doesn’t seem so complicated but it’s nowhere to be seen... apart from on ModLi of course!

At ModLi we want you to feel good in your outfits whatever you’re doing and wherever you are! Swimwear doesn’t have to be skimpy to look good; we take inspiration from the gorgeous 20’s and 40’s with their modest and stylish swimwear. We express ourselves through our clothing every day, so why should our swimwear be any different?! The answer is it shouldn’t! ModLi have you completely covered (Pardon the pun- if you will) with bright colours, bold patterns and fun shapes!

Work it by the pool in our funky water leggings and skirt sets! We all feel the most comfortable in the high waisted skirt- the most flattering shape, so we can take that to the pool with us! The skirt come in all different lengths, to allow you to choose how you feel your best, fashion is all about confidence! Swimwear should make you feel good!

Our key plus size swimwear shapes and styles to look out for:

The patterned 3/4 sleeve and cute mini skorts The patterned 3/4 sleeve and cute mini skorts

Key trend 1 has 2 KEY trends in one look! The 3/4 sleeve tops are highly flattering, the sleeve slims the arm and the ruched sides create pretty pleats so that the top wont cling to your stomach! 

The skorts are also a super fun look and will make you feel like a 40's popstar! Taking the trend right back a few decades for a classy vintage swim look, the skorts come in a range of colours and look fab with any top! 






Fun and flattering Midi skort Fun and flattering Midi skort

Key trend 2: The midi skort! This skort comes with mid calf length leggings connected with a very flouncy skirt on top, that will make you feel super feminine! 








Funky and practical patterned leggings Funky and practical patterned leggings

Key trend 3: The patterned leggings! The perfect swim/sports accessory! Apart from the practicality and modesty aspect of wearing leggings whilst exercising, these leggings are super stylish too! They come in fabulous patterns and colours and look fab under skirts or alone!








Key trend 4: The tennis dress! This shape swimwear is fabulous! It's so stylish it seems a shame to only wear at the pool! The block contrasting colours add a minimalist style to the dainty design and will make you feel very cute and feminine!








Ruched side skirt Ruched side skirt

Key trend 5: The ruched skirt! This is a very unique swimwear look and creates a gorgeous and moreover flattering shape to make you feel comfortable by the pool! The ruched sides adds detail that creates a very slimming illusion, it also adds more structure to the skirt!







High-waist flared Midi skirt High-waist flared Midi skirt

Key trend 6: The high-waist flared Midi! This is a classic style in and out of water, so why should we have to give up our favourite clothing styles just to go swimming! This skirt takes the most flattering and comfortable shape and makes it in stunning waterproof fabric!