Get your daughter to LOVE modest fashion

<strong>Get your daughter to LOVE modest fashion</strong>

In this day and age it may seem quite hard to show any teen the value in dressing modestly. Although a lot of trending clothes are becoming less and less modest, modest clothing is becoming more and more trendy. Your daughter can wear all the latest styles, but with a modest twist. Sometimes that latest style is modesty itself, and we’re here to help you show her that.

Here are 5 steps to getting your daughter to embrace modest fashion:

1. Have her discover her inner-style first.

First thing’s first...she needs to know what she loves. Before you even talk about dressing modestly with your teen, talk with her about what her style is. She may have never asked herself this question. Take this opportunity to let your daughter find her fashion faves and to get to know herself! 

2. Show her celebrities that have a niche for modest dress.

Once your teen figures out what clothing she likes, start to bring up modest fashion through celebrities that she respects and admires. She will see that modest dress isn’t just something that her mom wants her to think about, but that it’s trending worldwide.

3. Show her the runway looks that don’t show off too much skin.

Talk about trending worldwide! Modest fashion is all over the runway. Modest fashion is high fashion. This step may have your daughter thinking that she couldn't possibly wear clothing as daring as those runway models. This is where step 4 comes into play.

Left to right: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. Left to right: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.

4. Browse with her on the web for achievable modest styles.

Once you have shown her modesty in high fashion, browse on Pinterest or her favorite clothing brands for modest styles, similar to the runway, that are practical and not to mention affordable. Your daughter will notice all the different options when shopping modestly, and will get excited to start her modest fashion journey.

Taken from seointown.com. Taken from seointown.com.

5. Go shopping together for trendy modest clothes.

This part is pretty self explanatory and let’s be honest, the most fun! You and your daughter will take everything you learned about modest fashion and bring it to life. Go to your daughter’s favorite boutique or start looking on modest fashion websites to find exactly what she’s looking for.  Happy shopping!

Taken from therodinhoods.com. Taken from therodinhoods.com.