Get the look you always wanted : The Modest Leather Skirt.

<strong>Get the look you always wanted</strong> : The Modest Leather Skirt.

The Leather Skirt is the ultimate winter skirt. Too hot to wear in the summer but perfect to wear during the winter.

Don’t worry environmentalists- we’re not encouraging our readers to buy real leather. Real leather is no friend of the environment and we in no way encourage it, especially since now it is so easy to find Faux Leather items that are nearly indistinguishable to the real deal (and a lot cheaper too).

Leather skirts come in many shapes and sizes. There are the usual pencil skirts, the A-line skirts, Circle and Full skirts, and the pleated skirts. So much variety and choice!

They are simple to style too- Adding a knit sweater is one way to style it. The contrast of leather- a hard, punk-like look, and knit- a soft, cuddly look, is great. If wearing a pencil skirt, go with a pair of leather ankle biker boots and your look is complete.

A-line, pleated, and full skirts will look fabulous with a pair of shoes in a different colour to the skirt- Tall boots, low ankle closed booties, heels, or flats will do.  For the shirt you can pretty much go with anything- a sweater, a blouse, or a T-shirt. Anything will a softer texture so that it will create a stark contrast to the hard leather. Top it off with a leather jacket in the same colour as the skirt- yes, more leather- and you’ll look fit to walk the runway.

Simple look leather outfits are excellent for casual wear. You do not want to dress up a leather look too much as the leather itself is already a big statement piece. Leather skirts can be good for work too- if you do not go too heavily on the leather look and go for a more chic and refined look rather than the biker look. As usual though, what you wear to work depends on your job. If you work in an office then the leather look is not appropriate but, if you work in a bar then it’s 100% appropriate as leather is the go-to choice for night out wear.

When people think of leather you automatically think Black. It does not have to be this way. Especially during the winter when there is so much black around on the fashion scene. Seeing an outfit that is in season and not black is a breath of fresh air. Leather skirts and jackets are available in a variety of colors so no excuses! A beige skirt with a white or cream knit sweater is superb. So is a green skirt with a grey, or red sweater. There are numerous colour combinations. Choose a sweater and skirt colour that you think looks good- You have to feel like YOU look good, and YOU need to feel good in it. That’s the number one priority next to being modest and then stylish.