Fixing the Exercise Struggle

<strong>Fixing the Exercise Struggle</strong>

I don't know about you, but I love to exercise. Put me in a room with a treadmill, bike, and some weights and I'm happy. Some people hate working out, but for me it's a stress reliever; some me time to think and let off steam alone with the only distraction being an occasional commercial on my phone radio station. Some people have their exercise equipment in their house which is great and convenient but I have to go to a gym or outside to do it. With that comes the constant struggle and debate about what to wear. The TV shows and commercials always show those beautiful women in sports bras and short shorts showing off their toned bodies, and I'm sure to see at least one of those women when I walk in. I used to just feel frumpy walking through in my baggy T-shirt and pants with a skirt on top, but not any more. Since I've started working out regularly I've learned about and found good dry-fit shirts that cover what I want to cover while still being super comfy and breathable, but that didn't help my problem on the bottom with the awkward skirt and pants combo. I tried different type of pants/leggings to skirt ratios and found some better than others, but honestly there was always a part of my mind focused on it as I ran wondering which one is going to fall down, and constantly adjusting the waistbands. That was, of course, until I found the skirt with attached leggings. They are, quite frankly, convenient. There is only one waistband I need to worry about and they don't look mismatched like my grey and pink leggings did with my black skirt on top. They are designed for movement and working out so there's no chaffing either for those of us who have the struggle of chub-rub. So now I can go to the gym, or running through the city with confidence, having my only worry be what song to play next.

faux-wrap-sport-skirt-with-attached-3-4-length-leggings flowy-stripe-swim-skirt-with-leggings mesh-trim-sport-skirt-with-attached-ankle-leggings-black running-and-swimming-skirt-with-leggings