100 Years & Counting of Modest Fashion

<strong>100 Years & Counting of Modest Fashion</strong>


Ever looked at a photo from the 80s or 90s and thought- ‘How could I have gone out looking like that?!’ No need to be embarrassed, that’s what was in fashion! Give it another 20 years and you’ll be looking back at photos from now saying the exact same thing. The thing about fashion though is that trends tend to repeat themselves. Although I have yet to see a dress similar to those worn in the 1800s on the catwalks, many of the fashion trends of the 20th Century have made their way back. Prior to the 20th Century fashion remained quite stable and regular. Women wore modest long dresses, sleeves and, had minimal cleavage showing.

Roll on the 1900s and with it the World Wars. Elsa Schiaparelli, an Italian fashion designer once said; "In difficult times fashion is always outrageous." During the wars men went out to fight for king and country leaving the women behind to keep the country running. This was the first time women were given any power in the workplace. One thing about us women is that we always feel the need to be dressed for the occasion. If women were starting to do hard labour then they had to create ‘work outfits’ that allowed them to do their jobs. I mean, we women are talented but we can’t do everything wearing a nice pretty dress, can we? Thus the concept of women wearing pants came into being. Hemlines on dresses also rose to allow more movement.

However the most drastic change in hemlines came in the 1960s- the era in which all boundaries seemed to slowly fall away. Women were all about equality and equal pay. They thought being able to wear what they want would illustrate that they are equals and, just like men can wear what they want women could too. They succeeded in getting equal pay but also began the descent of modesty for women, as women began to reveal more of their bodies.

However recently high end fashion has started reviving the ‘best bits’ of the last century. High waisted skirts are back in, A-line or full circle skirts, cute tops with sleeves and higher necklines. Yes! This is what I have been waiting for! But why does it seem to be that it is mainly the designer brands endorsing this fashion comeback of modest clothing?

The trends of the past that are having fashion revivals take some bravery to wear, and to be able to pull off wearing. For those that have become accustomed to wearing jeans and a tank top it is a real change to go out and buy a skirt. It does not matter to them that it’s ‘in fashion’ because they don’t feel comfortable wearing it.

High Street Fashion at the moment seems to be wear whatever you please- there’s something for everyone in there, including some modest clothing for those willing to be brave enough to try pull off the modest vintage look. You’re welcome to browse through High Street store after store looking for that skirt that fits just right and is the right length or, you can browse through our websites ModLi.com or Leelach.com where we have all your modest needs in one place to make shopping for modest clothing that much more convenient for you.

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