Fall Fashion- it's all about Layering

<strong>Fall Fashion- it's all about Layering</strong>

Ever looked out the window and thought; “it looks like it will be cold today.” Then proceeded to put on boots and a sweater only to find yourself sweating two hours later and regretting your clothing choices for the day?

You are not alone! We all find ourselves struggling to decide what to wear during these months of weather fluctuation; whether you live in the Northern Hemisphere, or Southern Hemisphere.

There is a one simple word that will solve your fashion worries- Layering.

Layering means you can maximize your comfort during the day by simply removing, or adding a layer when the weather fluctuates; instead of a needing a full wardrobe change. Layering is simple once you know what to do. Stick to these pointers and you're sure to feel comfortable, and fashionable through out the day.

Start with a basic shirt that is not too bulky so you keep your shape, and pair it together with a cute cardigan, jacket, or blazer. You should be able to remove the top outer layer easily for when it gets warmer, and easily replace it when it gets cooler. If you are worried about loosing your waistline underneath that cardigan then simple tie a thin belt around it and you’re good to go! The thinnest piece of clothing should be the base layer, and the thickest piece the outer layer.

Attempt to keep the layers all different lengths to make your outfit more interesting. Play with textures too- at least one piece of clothing should have a texture or a pattern.

Wearing all the same texture in an outfit can come off as heavy so, spice it up by wearing different textures. For example: if you are wearing a knit cardigan pair it with a denim shirt.

If wearing a blouse with some volume, pair it with a fitted skirt or pant, and vice versa- if wearing a tight blouse, wear a skirt or pant with more volume to it. No one wants to look like they’re drowning in fabric and has no shape, and head to toe tightness is also not the most highly regarded of looks.

Who says maxi skirts are only for the summer? Layer up a maxi skirt, or dress, and it instantly becomes Fall Wear. Pair it with a cute hat to give it a vibe of  both Summer, and Fall.

You may be desperate to get into your snug UGG boots but better to wait for the certain cold heading our way than to chance it and end up hot on a gorgeous and sunny Fall day. Booties are the perfect answer for Fall footwear. (Look out for ModLi's upcoming blog about booties). Conversely you can wear flats together with tights- see our blog; How to Style Colourful Tights for more.

Statement scarves are another easy, simple, and quick way to stay warm. On the occasion that you are wearing patterned clothing, try stick to solid colour scarves. The opposite is true too- if wearing solid colour clothing then pair it with a cute patterned scarf to add another dimension. Not sure how to wear scarves? Click on the link to see a really useful video I found by Wendy's Lookbook on YouTube that shows you 25 ways to wear a scarf.

Lastly- don't forget the accessories!