Ever Wondered How to Sit in a Skirt?

If you're like many women out there, you're probably wondering what's the best way to gracefully sit in a skirt. We'll help you by offering tips and tricks you'll love! Especially when the wind is in full swing and you don't feel like having your skirt blown up into space.

When Sitting Down

When sitting down on a chair, use your hands and smooth down the skirt from about mid-thigh down towards the bottom of the skirt as you sit. When sitting down on the floor, use one hand to smooth down the skirt as you would when you sit on a chair. Using the other hand, hold down the front of your skirt as you settle cross legged on the floor.

When Getting Up

When getting back up, stay aware of your skirt as it may have shifted or adjusted while you were seated. Feel like your skirt is no longer underneath you and you’re merely sitting on your underwear? Don’t panic! Quickly place your hands underneath you and smooth out skirt slowly as you stand up. Remember to pull in down as it may have ridden up slightly from being in a seated position.

Getting Up from The Floor

That’s a whole different avenue! We recommend adjusting and swinging your legs to the side (try not to rip your skirt in the process) and then push upwards off the floor while holding onto your skirt for dear life at the same time.

Getting In & Out of Cars

That new Ford F150 will impress your date… but not your skirt. If you want to look cute getting into and out of this truck… you almost have to try and staple your skirt together (without the use of an actual stapler but with your hands?) whilst lifting your leg to its highest capacity. Oof, finally in the car! Don’t forget to smooth your skirt before sitting! The fun part is getting out of the car. Jump! But of course, hold the bottom of your skirt while doing so.

Want Some Extra Tips & Tricks?

Wear undergarments

Even if you’re wearing a long skirt, a pair of tight shorts or leggings underneath is always good for security. Therefore, if you do have a skirt mishap (think skirt rising up, wind blowing away, getting stuck in a car door) there wouldn’t be any issues concerning the exposure of your underwear.

On Windy Days

Let's talk wind for a second - if the gusts are blowing, we definitely recommend wearing a longer skirt that's heavier and won't blow away easily - like a pencil or a denim skirt. So, it's best to avoid your favorite flowy miniskirt. One option is this cute pencil skirt that won’t fly up.                                    


modest black pencil skirt black pencil skirt


Hopefully these tips will help prevent your future embarrassing wardrobe moments. 

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