Dresses with Pockets : a Revolution

<strong>Dresses with Pockets</strong> : a Revolution

We know the feeling: you’re searching through endless racks in your favorite clothing store and pick up a dress that you LOVE. You look at the tag and even better, it’s your size! You’re so excited about this great find that you run to the dressing room to try it on. When trying it on you notice something about the dress. Just when you thought it could not get any better, you slip your hands into...pockets!

Most of us ladies get super excited when we find pockets in their dresses and it basically makes our day, but why??? Pockets are a basic necessity!! Most pants have pockets, but with skirts and dresses it is such a rare find. This is really frustrating for modest dressers who only wear skirts and dresses.

Here at ModLi we are starting a pocket revolution! Many of the dresses on our marketplace have surprise pockets on the sides. This style helps you feel just as practical as you would if wearing pants, but while staying modest. ModLi has a variety of pocket dresses to choose from, so that you can have a dress with pockets for every occasion! Now, ModLi shoppers, you have the ability to slip your lip gloss into your pocket, and let’s not forget...your phone too! Feel stylish, practical, and modest with your new dress with pockets!! Join the revolution! 

Check out ModLi’s various dresses with pockets, you won’t be disappointed.

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