Designer Inspired Evening Wear Trends

<strong>Designer Inspired Evening Wear Trends</strong>

Designer Inspired Evening Wear Trends...

September 2017 fashion weeks taught us a few things about upcoming trends, asides from not being able to afford most of it and not sure if we’re brave enough to pull some looks off, we’ve taken a lot of exciting new trends for our evening wear!  

We’ve taken our favourite 3 designers from London, New York and Paris fashion weeks to investigate the main evening wear trends to see what looks they can inspire us to create!

London fashion week:


erdem look 1 Erdem_fall_winter_2017_2018_collection_London_Fashion_Week4 Erdem_spring_summer_2017_collection_London_Fashion_Week9













Erdem’s collection was made up of muted colours with subtle layers of volume through intricate frills and ruffles, stunning chiffon and lace fabrics and loos fitting, draping shapes. Erdem’s collection shows how elegant the maxi dress is, not a single mini skirt in sight, Erdem’s collection optimises elegance and sophistication.


Ryan Lo look 2 ryan lo look 1

















Ryan Lo uses much more dramatic shapes, with exaggerated frills created a harsher volume! Ryan Lo’s collection works with flouncy flared styles wit layering of fabrics to create an ultra feminine and youthful look. The collection is full of intricate patterns and bold colours.


Emilia Wickstead look 3 Emilia Wickstead look 2 Emilia Wickstead look 1
























Emilia Wickstead’s collection follows 2 dominant trends: pastels and ruffles. Wickstead works with the glamour of high neck lines and stunning draping fabrics. Her collection plays around with shapes beautifully, building volume on the bodice and having slimmer draping fabric around the legs. The flowing fabric elongates the body for an exceedingly elegant look.

New York


Delpozo look 3 Delpozo look 1 Delpozo look 2 























Delpozo’s collection, unlike Wickstead’s uses brighter, bolder colours. Delpozo uses bright pure whites, bold block and clashing colours like Yellow, Purple, Pink and Orange. The collection consists of much harsher and more structured shapes and fittings. Drama is created by using oversized peplums, shoulder pads and necklines. This collection creates femininity using big volume skirts, layered petticoats and stunning chiffon fabrics.


Rosie Assoulin look 1 Rosie Assoulin look 2

















Rosie Assoulin's collection follows much more simplistic and minimalist vibes with a twist. The collection works with beautiful feminine silhouettes, focusing on contrasting tight figure hugging bodices with large flares and frills to create a dynamic look. Assoulin’s collections works more with block colours and focuses more on autumnal tones for a very warm and classic look.


Elizabeth Kennedy look 1 Elizabeth Kennedy look 2 Elizabeth Kennedy look 3




























Elizabeth Kennedy’s collection takes a modernised twist on the regal Victorian era dress code. Kennedy uses deep and rich colours to exaggerate the dramatic designs and large ruffles. Kennedy’s collection is all about large petticoats and layered chiffon fabric to create volume and impact, paired with her use of contrasting textures and embellishments her designs encompass beauty and sophistication.



Giambassista Valli look 3 Giambassista Valli look 4 Giambassista Valli look 2 Giambassista Valli look 1

































Giambattista Valli collection has common running themes with Kennedy’s collection but takes the Elizabethan inspiration and modernises it to produce a very futuristic collection. Valli incorporates the shape of the classic Elizabethan ruff by using high neck lines with ruffles. The collection works with very decadent fabrics to show exaggerated pleating and detailing. Valli’s collections screams glamour with its elaborate shapes, embellishments and clean cut, simplistic colours.


Elie Saab look 3 Elie Saab look 2 Elie Saab look 1






















Elie Saab Collection focuses solely on her use of decadent fabrics, patterns and embellishments. Elie Saab follows very simplistic, hour glass enhancing shapes and layers them with gorgeous sheer fabrics and 3-d floral embellishments. Saab follows a basic very neutral colour scheme of nudes and blues, these tones are very earthy and natural so work with all skin types and look very elegant.  


Stephane Rolland look 3 stephane rolland look 4 Stephane rolland look 2 Stephane rolland look 1






























Stephane Rolland’s collection is so stunningly intricate that it appears each dress is a sculpture and a complete work of art. Each one of his designs in the collection differs from the last in everything apart from drama and impact. Rolland works with delicate soft fabrics against structured interfacing and internal stiffer shaping to create beauty from the contrast and disparity of the two. A lot of Rolland’s designs combine pleating with ruffling to create a unique look, which appears much more detailed and intricate than a smooth ruffle.

 These 9 designers, through their stunning fashion week collections, have shown us the top evening wear trends to watch out for this year!

  • Ruffles- pleated, peplums, neck lines, bell sleeves... you name them and they’re in style! Be adventurous and have fun with it, experiment with new shapes
  • Full skirts- the bigger the better, were taking that gorgeous flared, skater skirt shape and doubling that volume! Layers of sheer fabrics and petticoats create a gorgeous sophisticated evening wear look!
  • Structured- think high neck, pussy bows, wired hems, interfaced hip panels, you can create drama through very structured looks
  • Lace and embellishment- we don’t have to point out the obvious that sequins and jewels make for the most glamorous evening wear but we need to up the game! Beautiful lace and sheer fabric over layers, 3-d embellishments, flowers, glitz and glam!
  • Fishtails- one of the most elegant styles you can go for is the fishtail skirt, if you don’t think you’re brave enough for ruffles elsewhere the fishtail hem skirt is a simple and sophisticated way to work this trend!

All these top evening wear trends can be found on ModLi, explore to find a trend you’ve fallen for! https://modli.co/