How to be your Daughter's Personal Shopper

<strong>How to be your Daughter's Personal Shopper</strong>

As the year moves into full swing, before we get a chance to blink the holidays arrive. And with the holidays come its usual festivities- dinner parties, family get-togethers, communal events  and winter weddings. If you're like most moms I've met, this season is met with a tiny little stress known as clothing. "How am I supposed to find enough outfits for my kids to wear to all these parties?" Moms will often ask me with exasperation.

And then, the day before the holiday starts, your daughter comes home from college. In the last three months, she has quickly abandoned many of her high school styles for fleece and sweatsuits. And she claims to have "nothing to wear." 
If this happens to you, view it as a hidden opportunity to connect with your daughter in an activity that has always been shared. 

Her closet needs a sophistication update- how on earth are you supposed to find her enough clothing to wear to all these events? Stylish outfits that are practical, reasonably priced, and confidence inspiring? Stress no more, Modli is here to help you out! 

  1. Versatile accessories- She might groan at your blouse preferences, but bright, versatile jewelry and headwear can help your daughter out at the next emergency family event. And the best part- these can be taken back to campus and worn again! felt-fedora-hat-for-women-men

    Felt Fedora, Modli, $110.00

mixed-blue-and-howlite-stone-crescent-necklace Stone Crescent Necklace, Modli, $8.00, https://modli.co/mixed-blue-and-howlite-stone-crescent-necklace.html

2. Find a staple she can wear with anything- all these holidays mean she'll need something she can count on as a reliable backbone. Find some staples that can be worn with different looks. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 4.32.12 PM Button Back Chambray Shirt, Loft, $44.99, http://www.loft.com/button-back-chambray-shirt/384045?skuId=19476070&defaultColor=4062&colorExplode=false&catid=catl000011
powder-pink-ann-dress Powder Pink dress, Modli, $134.00
lightweight-polka-dot-shirt A polka dot shirt- Genius. Modli, $71.00

3. Occam's Razor, a closet theory- Complicated ensembles are always more effort. You know exactly what we're talking about- the ones that you can only wear if the precise bra, tank top, jacket, skirt, tights, and any other sole enablers of this outfit are not in the laundry.  Sometimes layering is fun- look out for future posts on that!- but if she's in a rush coming back from practice and has to run to a dinner with the family, she'll thank you for that easy throw on eye-catching piece. Note- If she's not planning on layering with this piece, make sure the fabrics are thick and insulating (think leather or velvet) so she doesn't catch a cold!

w_directory_nov1_img1 J. Crew Factory Skirt, $49.50, https://factory.jcrew.com/womens-clothing/skirts/maxi/PRD~E1269/E1269.jsp
velvet-verdant-dress Velvet Verdant Dress, Modli, $136.00

4.  Comfy-Chic - As mentioned, she'll be all about those sweats when she gets back. Long hours in the library will do it to anyone. So please forgive her, and then gently show her ways to be comfortable and stylish, so that her wardrobe fits in in the classroom and beyond!

2-in-1-casual-top Casual top, Modli, $35.00.
lace-panel-striped-babydoll-sweater Babydoll top, Modli, $43.50
relished-gentle-clouds-blouse Gentle Clouds Blouse, Modli, $38.50































5. LBD- You're rarely too young to have a perfect LBD. Find one that's youthful and charming that can be thrown on with another trendy piece for a casual outing or put together with some heels for a more upscale event. The LBD is so useful, she can take it back to college with her and wear it whenever she needs to dress up. 

estelle-dress-in-black-and-white Estelle Dress, Modli, $65.99
ann-dress-3-more-colors-available Ann Dress, Modli, $134.00
ellsa-dress-in-black Ellsa Dress, Modli, $59.99














































Which looks does your daughter love wearing? What gift can you buy your college-aged daughter when she gets home for the holidays that are a guaranteed hit? 



  • FrockandFrill - October 16, 2015, 10:55 am

    wow, great collection, love these collection specially "Ann Dress"

  • Francis - October 22, 2015, 1:38 am

    Why on earth would you still be dressing your college-aged daughter?

    • Because even college students sometimes come home and want to be spoiled by their moms in this way!