Back- To School Essentials : Teachers Edition

<strong>Back- To School Essentials</strong> : Teachers Edition

It's that time of the year again. Summer is coming to a close and school bells are starting to ring once again. While children have the fun of picking out their new notebooks and pencils and other supplies the weeks leading up to the beginning of the year, teachers have the stress of putting together classrooms and syllabi, making sure everything is just right for the new year. With that stress in mind, here are some style staples to keep in mind to put together the perfect and effortless "Teacher Look".

1. The Solid Blouse


The Solid Blouse is a staple in a teachers wardrobe. Have it untucked with a statement necklace, or tuck it in a pencil skirt for a bit more shape. The great thing of having a solid top is that it gives you the opportunity to pair it with both solids and prints; from a floral bottom,  textured blazers, or bold necklace and jewelry.

   2. A-line skirt


The A-line skirt adds movement to any look. Whether walking through the halls or just from one side of the chalk board to the other, an A-line skirt adds the perfect subtle movement to keep the attention on you. Wear a fitted or tucked shirt with one of these and a cute kitten heel and you've got a look fit for the first day, or any day!

3. High-Lows


High-lows have the potential to go very well or very poorly. Too intense drastic the lengths and it can look unprofessional, but a subtle high-low or high-low shirt (Like pictured above) can give a sense of interest in your look.  Pair with a pencil skirt, flats, and simple jewelry and you've got a look that is good for the classroom. Throw on some bold jewelry and heels and you've got a beautiful and fashion forward evening look too!

4. Layering Shirts


The unsung heroes of any wardrobe, particularly teacher's wardrobes, these shirts are there for you to make any outfit modest for the classroom. Wear under a blazer, cardigan, or your favorite sleeveless top and you've got an instant look appropriate for any setting!

5. Blazer


Blazers have the incredible power of making any ordinary look transform in to the perfect professional attire. They have a way of telling people "I am in control and competent" which is perfect for the first couple days of school with both nervous children and parents looking to the teacher for guidance and insight for what is to come with the year. They can be paired with virtually every type of shirt and bottom. (though they are classically worn with a tailored skirt). You can have fun with blazers, getting ones in interesting colors or features and pair them with some fun shoes and jewelry.


Teachers have the important job of teaching the future leaders of the world, and while that responsibility demands many hours of time and effort, their wardrobe doesn't have to! 

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