A Woman Who Stands Up For What She Believes In

<strong>A Woman Who Stands Up For What She Believes In</strong>

Mariam Sobh found it hard to start a career in media because of her modest clothing style. Sobh is a traditional Muslim woman and because of what she wore on her head (the hijab), many television stations turned her away. Since TV stations wouldn't allow her to be on TV, she decided to do her own thing. She started a Muslim fashion blog and YouTube channel, Hijabtrendz

Source: HijabTrendz Source: Hijabtrendz

Hijabtrendz launched in 2007 as a lifestyle blog that covered hijab fashion, beauty and entertainment. It also produced podcasts and hijab tutorial videos. Now, it is the go to source for product reviews and insight into the Muslim consumer market. 

Through her perseverance and entrepreneurial strength to not give up, Sobh was able to change the outlook on hijab wearers. 10 years later, Sobh now anchors on a local radio station and her blog gets over two and a half million hits a month.

Source: Hijabtrendz Source: Hijabtrendz

 She believes this is a reflection of Muslim buying power. In the U.S. the Muslim consumer market is worth $170 billion and globally it's in the trillions, according to Sobh. This growing power of Muslim spending has even led to international events such as the first ever International Modest Fashion Week that occurred this past May. 

Women like Sobh are helping get rid of stereotypes that come along with dressing modestly. We appreciate her confidence and role model attitude. Sobh is changing the stigma that wearing the hijab is just a religious obligation for Muslim women and instead that it is also a fashion statement, as well.