8 Body-Positive Instagram Accounts To Follow

<strong>8 Body-Positive Instagram Accounts To Follow</strong>

1. @effyourbeautystandards 

Image from https://instagram.com/effyourbeautystandards/ Image from https://instagram.com/effyourbeautystandards/
Image from https://instagram.com/effyourbeautystandards/ Image from https://instagram.com/effyourbeautystandards/

Tess Holliday made headlines earlier this year with one clear message to the public: #effyourbeautystandards. Now there is this entire Instagram account, run by Holliday and six other body positive ladies, devoted to this message. 

2.  @positivebodyimage 

Image from https://instagram.com/positivebodyimage/ Image from https://instagram.com/positivebodyimage/

Run by twin Canadian sisters, this account is dedicated to photos and sayings that inspire positivity as well as a healthy body image. I followed them, and reading their posts really was a great pick me up, not even just for body image, but just self-love in general. 

3. @endangeredbodiesnyc

Image from https://instagram.com/endangeredbodiesnyc/ Image from https://instagram.com/endangeredbodiesnyc/

Endangered Bodies is an initiative that advocates for positive body image change throughout the world. They want everyone attitude towards body image to become more positive and accepting of all body types. Their #FatIsNotAFeeling campaign got Facebook to remove their "feeling fat" emoji, which is an amazing accomplishment. 




4. @alternativecurves 

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 3.07.45 PMThis Instagram account celebrates curves, tattoos and fierce hair colors.  They’re all about reposting pictures of real women embracing their style preferences, bodies and themselves.


5. @winnieharlow

Image from https://instagram.com/winnieharlow/ Image from https://instagram.com/winnieharlow/

You might recognize this gorgeous face from America's Next Top Model, as Chantelle Winnie is not someone you forget! Chantelle has a skin condition called vitiligo, and she wears it with pride. She uses her account to spread body positivity, and not just about size or weight. It is about valuing everything about ourselves, calling our imperfections beautiful. 

6. stace_a_lace

Image from https://instagram.com/stace_a_lace/ Image from https://instagram.com/stace_a_lace/

Stacey Baker is the owner of Citilegs, a photo blog showing off the lower half of real women. It reminds us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not in a thigh gap.

7. @healthyisthenewskinny

Image from https://instagram.com/healthyisthenewskinny/ Image from https://instagram.com/healthyisthenewskinny/

Founded by husband and wife Bradford and Katie Wilcox, this company seeks to change the cultural conversation about weight and body size to one about health and self love. Their Instagram affirms messages we all need to hear but too often fail to tell ourselves.



8. @isupersheng

Image from https://instagram.com/isupersheng/ Image from https://instagram.com/isupersheng/

Leo Scheng is a transgender man who publicly documented his transition on social media. Scheng is an example of the kind of body positivity that hasn't always been represented in the past, and thats awesome.