5 ways to go from Office to Evening Modestly

<strong>5 ways to go from Office to Evening Modestly</strong>

Haven't we all been there? That mad dash from the office to the house, a quick change and hasty re-application of make-up, then running out like a mad woman for a night out?

Why not change that and leave out the dash home, going straight from the office to your night out? Well, the answer is simple- you do not want to look like you just came from the office (which you did). Office wear does not equal night out wear.

But it can! The right office look can easily be transformed into an evening out look; leaving out the dash home by wearing the right outfit to work and taking with a few essentials for later.

Of course it depends on what your job is. If you need to wear a uniform then take a change of clothes with you, or wear something a little more glam than usual to work before you change into your uniform. If you work in fashion then switching to an evening look will be simple. Working in office jobs that require the 'tailored- suit' look may be a little trickier.

I suggest wearing a more relaxed office look on the days that you will be going out straight after work. This makes it a little easier to work with and transform into an evening out master-piece.

The easiest way to transform your job look is to bring your 'top-up' make-up, some statement jewellery, and a pair of high heels with you in your bag to work. A big handbag will fit it all. Simply put the heels on, and re-apply your make-up, fix up your hair, add a little bling, and hey-presto you're ready to go out!

Another way to switch your office attire into evening attire is to switch your blazer for a chic jacket or coat. Blazers look professional and structured and are great for the office but not for an evening out. Switch it for something with a little more flair and a bit more fun. Leather jackets are great for nights out.

Dresses are easiest to work with when switching from office to evening. Simply because they are easy to dress up and dress down. Dressing it down means wearing simple accessories which is what one usually does for work, keeping it simple. Dressing it up means wearing more prominent accessories.

A blouse and skirt combo is great for work but harder to switch to evening. As with the work blazer, it is a more structured look. For evening you want something more relaxed and flowing. Instead of wearing a pencil skirt and blouse to work try wear a blouse with an A-line skirt or fuller skirt. Add all the above (heels,  touch up make-up, and accessories). If wearing belt, switch it for a belt with more sparkle. Night time is when you want to shine.

The most important rule to remember when switching from office wear to evening wear- adding high heels can instantly transform any outfit.