5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Swimsuit With Sleeves

<strong>5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Swimsuit With Sleeves</strong>

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Brrr... it's cold out there! In an attempt to keep the cold weather at bay, we've decided to focus on ... Swimsuits! With sleeves, to be exact. 

Here are our top 5 reasons to wear swimwear with sleeves:

#1- Defense against UV rays  

Sleeved swimwear provides another layer of protection against harmful ultraviolet sun rays.  Most sleeved swimwear is UV protectant, so you can spend the day in the sun, without worrying about sun burns and excessive tanning!

#2- Rash Guards

A day in the water softens skin and makes it more prone to damage. Swimwear with sleeves serves the same purpose as rash guards, helping to protect your skin from irritation caused by sand and rapid impact with water. 

#3- Minimize wardrobe malfunctions

Bikinis are much more likely to float off in the water than a short sleeved bathing top! Wear a bathing suit with sleeves to make sure nothing you want covered is accidentally bared.

#4- Comfort

We all want to feel and look beautiful on the beach, despite our size or shape. A bathing suit with sleeves (short or long!) is flattering on most body types, and requires much less fidgeting and adjustment! 

#5- Versatility

Swimwear with sleeves makes the transfer from beach or pool to your next outing much quicker! Many of the swim sets and suits with sleeves can easily and comfortably be worn all day.




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