5 Modest Trends to Try this Summer

<strong>5 Modest Trends to Try this Summer</strong>

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For modest dressers, the summer definitely poses a greater challenge when it comes to staying fashionably relevant. As the season for cutoff shorts, mini dresses, and crop tops, it can seem almost impossible to stay on-trend when needing to cover up. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of trends to try this summer, in addition to some tips and tricks for pulling them off.


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The romper has long been a popular outfit for the summer. However, in the past couple of years, the jumpsuit has come into style. For those of us who prefer to dress modestly, it is a perfect alternative. Opt for a loose and flowy pant to make it a comfortable choice for those hotter months. And don’t pass up on the sleeveless jumpsuit. Simply pair a lightweight shirt or blouse underneath, allowing you to change up your outfits all summer long.


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We weren’t sure that the sheer trend was going to stick around, but its definitely grown on us. While often modeled overtop bras and bralettes, that doesn’t mean modest dressers can’t try out sheer pieces. Simply pair dresses and skirts over long slips, and blouses over a top of your choice. You’ll definitely stand out in this ultra chic piece.

Wrap Dress

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The wrap dress, made popular by Diane von Fursentberg in the 70s, is still finding its way into our closet year after year. It’s that one and done piece that’s perfect for the days we need to run out the door, but want to look put together. With its often knee-length and long-sleeve style, its a great choice for any modest dresser. Try a wrap dress with a floral print or bright color for the summer months. And for those pieces that are a little too low cut, simply layer it with a tank or half-tee.

Shirt Dress

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Seen all over this year’s runways, the shirt dress is another one of those easy pieces we love to have in our closet. The many white linen and denim styles scream summer. Perfect for work, weekend brunching, or a night out, you can’t go wrong with this dress. It’s simple style also allows you to play around with accessories including shoes, bags, and jewelry.

Corset Belt 

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The corset belt is the perfect accessory to elevate any style. Worn by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, you’ll see this trend all summer (and possibly all year). While a somewhat daunting piece to try out, it looks great paired with oversized shirts and dresses to help define your waist. Want to give it a shot? Start with smaller belts, getting bigger as you get more comfortable with the trend.


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