4 way wear- How to wear the Noa Vider collection

<strong>4 way wear- How to wear the Noa Vider collection</strong>


We are absolutely obsessed with the Noa Vider shrugs that can be worn four  different ways. It is super lightweight so you are covered modestly without feeling the extra weight of that added layer of fabric which is amazing to hear when trying to stay modest in those hot summer months. This piece is available in chiffon and lace and in a large variety of colours to make it that much easier to match to any outfit. It is the perfect solution for that sleeveless dress you really wanted to buy but could not think of a modest solution for!

Who doesn't love a good deal? You pay for one product and in fact get four! This shrug is worn as a scarf, shrug, shawl, or with a twist. With so many options for how to wear, this piece will look fresh every time you pull it out of your closet.

We love that this piece can be dressed up for fancy occasions. Not only can you wear it to a formal event, but it is the perfect bridal accessory! Available in neutral colours like; ivory, white, and beige; this shrug works perfectly over a wedding dress. It is so elegant and romantic that it will pull your look together perfectly! But why stop at the bride? Also available in packs of six, this shrug is a lifesaver for making bridesmaids dresses modest! Who can complain when their shawl is this comfy and cute?!

Happy Styling :)