2016 Academy Awards Red Carpet -Modest Style

<strong>2016 Academy Awards Red Carpet -Modest Style</strong>

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Sunday night, Feb 28th, was the 88th Academy Awards show- and we held our breath as we watched the celebs hit the red carpet, expecting to see some great, modest dresses. We were disappointed! 

At the Golden Globe's in Jan this year, we saw a multitude of celebrities in their modestly dressed best. 

hbz-gg-melissa-mccarthy Melissa McCarthy
hbz-gg-uzo-aduba Uzo Aduba
gallery-1452471971-hbz-gg-jane-fonda Jane Fonda
hbz-ggcate-blanchett Cate Blanchett
hbz-gg-jamie-lee-curtis Jamie Lee Curtis
hbz-gg-julianne-moore Julianne Moore
























Can you blame us for expecting more of the same at the Oscars?

We were bummed to find that "the skimpier, more see-through, the better" was back in full swing at the Oscars! 

Here's to hoping the modest fashionistas who showed up to the Golden Globes will continue to do so, and positively influence the beautiful women around them! The countdown to the MTV awards  (April 10th) has started...