batel bar giora

batel bar giora

tel aviv , Israel


Feyge was established 11 years ago as a fashion design house specializing in dresses.
We design modest and unique clothing that compliments every woman and has an uncompromising style.
My name is Batel Bar Giora, I’m the owner and lead designer of Feyge, with 11 years of experience in the fashion industry. A record of 22 collections of winter and summer, cutting, fabrics in many types and colors of hundreds of kilometers, sewing more than 15,000 dresses and especially a lot of satisfied customers who continue to purchase every season.

My values are fair trade and fair pricing. The manufacturing process takes place in Israel, from the choice of fabrics to the image, cutting and sewing work, with the aim of enabling all small business owners in Israel to earn a decent living.

Feyge is characterized by flattering shapes to your body - classic designs that stay with you for years and suitable for any event – daily, classic or event. The collection can be easily identified by the pleasant fabrics and the colorful and unique prints.

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